Thursday, 17 March 2011

Reflect & Connect

Technology is moving so fast it's firghtening,   The younger generation seem to absorb the boundless changes and new IT innovations as part of their every day existence.  As soon as they can understand, children embrace the modern world and flourish and grow, with computers, moblile phones, ipads, iphones, kindles, e-readers and the countless programs social networks, tools and applications.

I, on ther hand, feel bombarded by the speed and constant changes to new technology.  I would like to put my head in the sand and pretend it doesn't exist but I know this is not an option.   So I battle on trying not to fall too far behind.  I can now almost work a mobile phone, a digital camera is a no brainer and I can use facebook and can translate some of the new language ie  lol, bff, rofl, jks,ppl, OMG.      I am pleased that my problems with a video recorder are now obselete.

I have always been open minded and prepared to welcome new experiences.  I am  aware of  how benificial and useful technology can be.   I know e-learning , e-portfolios, new tools and applications are stepping stones, the beginning of a new world of  understanding, learning and comunication.   However, I don't think I will ever comfortably embrace the continuing changes in IT but I do hope to gain the confidence to say "Bring it on!!! (slowly)".

Lets take it real slow!!rman10914l.jpg

;I'm prepared to give it a go

Growth and development through learning

New understandings -I see the light in a beautiful world.


  1. Hi Karyn
    I know exactly where you are at, that feeling of being bombarded, Ive been there. You have now taken the first steps and it is only a matter of time before it will become easy. You are smart to understand the need to learn about new technology as we deal with 21st Century students.
    Enjoy the journey

  2. I agree Karyn this new technology can be frightening, but it's good to see that you didn't get frightened off by it all.